Drewno kominkowe i opałowe

Skład Opału EKO-DREW 

Since its establishment in 2012, the company, Skład Opału EKO-DREW Anna Salapat, has been supplying fuel to consumers in the area of Lesser Poland (Kraków and the surrounding area) and Silesia. EKO-DREW offers a year-round sale of firewood and fireplace wood, bulk or bagged coal – for standard furnaces or furnaces with feeders. The company also sells decorative stone and garden gravel. 

EKO-DREW’s portfolio also includes hard firewood from types of wood best suited for burning in fireplaces such as birch, beech, oak, ash, sycamore andhornbeam. Fireplace wood is sold as seasoned (dried) as well as fresh, cut into pieces, ready for use.

EKO-DREW is also a significant supplier of firewood for businesses such as pizzerias, butcheries and bakeries. Its customers also include companies from European Union countries.

Thanks to modern machines and a professional crew, EKO-DREW can guarantee the highest quality of fuel and a short delivery time while maintaining a competitive price.

The production building and a very large warehouse for seasoned wood are located in the village of Wielkie Drogi on the National Road No. 44 (Lesser Poland province)